About Us

The National Bulletin (TNB) – is Delhi/NCR-based, national news and feature portal, founded by a group of inspired, workaholic news professionals, market seers and technology-driven young and not-so--young citizens of India.

Owned by News TNB Private limited, TNB aims at reporting and recapturing the daily news pulse of the nation apart from columns of opinion on certain news items, features on different topics of the time, videos, pictures of the day and more. It attempts to fair and choosy about news on politics, crime, sports, technology and entertainment instead of filling its valuable space and readers’ time with unnecessary clutter.

Apart from carrying the main news and features, we will also create an alternate space for news that is not shown and be impartial to all political and social outfit. We have decided to call spade a space than colour it for any beneficial purposes. attempting to be better at news selection and features on a daily basis. We will introduce watch worthy you tubes, video interviews, columns, features.